I’m baaaaack

To my loyal readers, (if you’re still out there!):

I’ve been in the whirlwind called life, which is no excuse for my disappearance. We’re in a new decade, which means there is new and exciting information to come at you.

Please forgive me as I re-vamp this site to make it more coherent and aesthetically pleasing…

I am open for business should anyone have exciting topics to bring to the table…

Bonne nuit mes amis!


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New Gillette Commercial!

To give you a better idea of what my job entails, please view the youtube video below for the new Gillette commercial featuring Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Derek Jeter. Enjoy!


To sum up my company’s [Platinum Rye] job in this mix, this is what we do: Since this commercial uses music [ie. Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive”] along with image/likeness of the film Saturday Night Fever, the company needs to obtain music and property licensing rights. We reach out to the rights holders of the music and film and negotiate. And voila, that’s what entertainment licensing entails, (leaving out all of the gory details and paperwork of course!)

Please pass this along to your friends and whoever would find this interesting!

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Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone happy passover/happy easter! hope everyone had a relaxing, food filling holiday!!

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Thanks for sticking around…

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank everyone who has continued to follow this blog which I have been completely inconsistent with. My deep apologies because I would like to be as current with my information as I can be.

Being that I finally peaked with over 400 viewers this month, I am thrilled! On that note, I would love to get some feedback of ways I can make my site more interesting. Are there certain types of articles/people/movies/music you’d like me to be focusing in on? Please feel free to express your ideas as this is for the people.

On the music front, I was sent a link today from a friend about the San Francisco Outside Lands Music Festival. Before entering into the “music biz”¬†(if you will), I never really followed the festival scene. I usually surrounded my musical interests to billboard charts and mainstream music. Boy was I missing out! So many great performers are involved with these festivals. In particular with the Outside Lands festival you’ve got DMB, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Beastie Boys, TV on the Radio, Q-Tip, Lanka, Matt & Kim, Brett Dennen..The list keeps going! I hope to attend this year..

On the movie front, State of Play this friday?? Finally Rachel McAdams is in another film. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while so I’ve got pretty high expectations. The last movie I saw in the theater was I Love You, Man, which i enjoyed very much. I thought it was a bit long, however, I enjoyed the chemistry between Paul Rudd and Jason Segal on screen and thought it was a movie worth seeing in the theaters. Star Trek Trailer? Angels and Demons Trailer? These movies are going to be the biggest summer hits (oh wait, and Harry Potter!) These are to be guaranteed successes. JJ Abrams is genius and he’s got the up and coming star lineup. This movie is their golden ticket for success.

Now, TV. I don’t watch much but here’s what I think based on the TV shows I follow. United States of Tara: extremely bizarre but intelligent. I wanted more answers by the end of the season. But I’m hoping they waited in anticipation for a season 2 (!?) Gossip Girl: My guilty pleasure, however, it’s getting a little boring for me. I’m ready for the old Serena to re-emerge and more drama to stir up NYC. American Idol: it’s not so difficult to figure out that Adam Lambert has already won the competition. His rendition of Mad World was chilling and unbelieveable. For Simon Cowell to give the standing “o” really means something. Rescue Me: NEED TO START WATCHING.

Just wanted to express my appreciation for those who keep reading. I hope to bring you more interesting information/articles that will stir your curiosity!

PS. Insider info: I get a lot of my info from Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair magazine. Excellent sources.

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Anoop makes top 13 of American Idol Season 8!!

Season 8 of American Idol has brought many surprises. One that made me extremely happy was that they added another person to the usual “top 12”. My favorite ANOOP was given this lucky second chance. I think he will go very far.

I’ll be the first to say the people who I think will make it through most of the season, if not, become the next American Idol: Danny and Lil. Both with extremely different vocals, Danny gives us the Daughtry/David Cook that we loved in American Idol past. However, Lil reminds us of our R&B queens Mary J, Keyshia Cole, and newer artists like Chrisette Michele and Jazmine Sullivan.¬†

Even though I am usually not a big fan of this show, I have my favorites and hope to see them move further towards being Season 8 American Idol!

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The Watchmen Soundtrack

Highly anticipated/controversial comic comes to film “The Watchmen” includes a very unique soundtrack. Billboard analyzes the film and its relationships with choosing mostly tracks from 1930s-1960s to portray the political environment in society then as represented in the film.

Check out this interesting article:


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Jonas Brothers Surprise 9-year old Cancer Patient

Please watch this video as discussed on CBS Early news. Jayla Cooper, a 9 year old with Lukemia, with only weeks to live, asked for a wedding as her last big wish. She married a 7 year old, Jose, who also has cancer. Being that Jayla is a big Jonas Brothers fan, they suprised her at her house and sang her favorite song “Love Bug”.

Please watch this miraculous story.


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Yes, there’s more for the Twilight Movie fans…

Forget about Robert Pattinson for a second. On March 17, there will be a release of Twilight: The Director’s Notebook.


This book has pictures, sketches, insider information from Catherine Hardwicke herself about the making of this film. If you were able to grab Entertainment Weekly from last month, there was a spread about the upcoming book and what’s inside.

I haven’t even seen the film (honestly) and am very curious about it. We even get to find out as early on as picking the characters for their respective¬†roles to camera angles, makeup and director’s personal words.

Who’s excited????

On another note, I’m so glad this book is coming out because if I hear about Kristen Stewart being a bigger brat about her world promo for the film, I might scream. Seriously, she sounds ridiculous. She has a great opportunity as this breakout role and she’s going to act like it wasn’t important? With that attitude, I don’t see her staying in the spotlight for much longer.

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Youthanized. The Documentary.

For all of you reading, please take the time out to check out the upcoming documentary created by fellow peers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s been over a year in the making and I am proud to show the trailer of all the hard work that been done.


With a political tone, it is meant to describe the involvement (or lack thereof) with generation Y and the political environment. Is our generation apathetic? Are we more involved now that we have more outlets to express our points of view? This documentary dives into those questions that in a way helps to show how our generation will shape our futures.


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MMM. good


Just look at this cake. How awesome it that!?!?

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