American Music Awards-Post Show Discussion

What did you think about the show? Were all of the winners deserving in their categories???

Truth: I only watched about half the show, (I missed the middle hour because of HBO finales-don’t judge!)

But from what I saw and the seeing the winners posted later on, I thought most if not all were deserving in their given categories, (except I would’ve liked to see Coldplay win an award). Kanye West scored a few, (even though his speeches suck and his head is way too large–he compares himself to becoming the next Beatles?? Now, let’s take it back for a second..) Chris Brown adds a few to his belt as well including Artist of the Year, which I believe are well deserved! Rihanna takes two wins, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Daughtry…

What made this show so enjoyable for me were the performances. Opener Christina Aguilera doing a medley of her major singles, (Genie In A Bottle was a great throwback as well as Fighter). Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, New Kids on The Block, (can I say old school), Ne-Yo (amazing dancing) and Sarah MacLachlan and Pink doing an acapella version of “Angel” was bone-chilling. My favorite performance was the finale: Alicia Keys, Queen Latifa and opera singer Kathleen Battle singing Keys’ “Superwoman”. The diversity of vocal range and style were a force to be reckoned on the stage as the final performance.

It doesn’t hurt that Jimmy Kimmel was the host. You always get a good laugh..

If you want a full list of winners, go to this Seattle Times article:


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EW 50 sexiest movies ever,,20241620,00.html

Please read and enjoy numbers 26-50 that Entertainment Weekly listed as their sexiest movies ever. The list ranges from the 30s to 00s and includes some very sexy films, as well as their opinion on the sexiest scenes in those films.

I will list out 25-1 since I couldn’t find them on the ew site: FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR OPINIONS!!

25. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

24. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

23. The Age of Innocence (1983)

22. Mississippi Masala (1992)

21. Basic Instinct (1992)


20. Titanic (1997)

19. The Notebook (2004)


18. Swimming Pool (2003)

17. Mulholland Drive (2001)

16. The Seven Year Itch (1955)

15. Notorious (1946)

14. The Year of Living Dangerously (1982)

13. Shakespeare In Love (1998)


12. The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)

11. Once (2007)

10. Before Sunset (2004)

9. A Walk On The Moon (1999)

8. The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

7. Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

6. Don’t Look Now (1973)

5. Bill Durham (1988)

4. Body Heat (1981)

3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

2. His Girl Friday (1940)

1. Out of Sight (1998)


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Musicians On Call

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Musicians on call is a non-profit that brings sick children the opportunity to listen to music in all forms: big music artists and other singers come to perform in hospitals, people bring CDs and other music equipment for sick patients.

I actually just found out about this organization through Bloomingdales, (sounds strange but let me explain). For the past few years, Bloomingdales has partnered with Gund to make a teddy bear and give a piece of each bear sold to an organization. I know this because my mother started buying them as a cute holiday gift for me. Now it has become a tradition of the mama papa and baby bears..

This years donations are being donated to Musicians On Call. The bear has a navy sweater with a piano scarf around its neck.

Please go to the site and find out what you can do to help! Daughtry, John Mayer and Celine Dion are a few of the many people involved to bring a helping hand to this wonderful organization.


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HBO Sunday Night Finales


Sunday nights are my favorite TV nights (or they have been for summer/fall TV). We’ve got your 9PM True Blood followed by Entourage (HBO). Then I always tape Brothers & Sisters (ABC) at 10PM.

Unfortunately, True Blood and Entourage came to an end for the season last night. I’m sorry, but how disappointed were you!?


Maybe it was just me, but I felt True Blood could’ve been a lot more dramatic.  Yes, we find out Renee is our murderer. But did you have to make it that obvious from the first five minutes of the hour long episode? We had no insider information to lead us to Renee before last nights episode, (or so I thought), therefore, giving us no accurate justification for why he would be the killer.  The show gave us the reason that he just hates fang bangers. But why?? Just Because? It was a pretty shitty understanding of Renee. 

Furthermore, they put that in the first half our of the show leaving us with a slow second half.  And then when you think most of the problems are solved, there are more questions to be answered. For example, why does Sam know Mary Ann? Why is she taking care of Tara? Why in the backyard was she shaking? Also, who killed Lafayette? Was it Mary Ann? Bill, (so he could save himself-“made a huge sacrifice” to be with Sookie?) Obviously they left it open ended, in which I believe they are going for a second season.  Even though I don’t know where the story would go from here….


ENTOURAGE–One of my favorite shows ever. No matter how redundant the story line may be (Vince gets a great movie, something gets fucked up and they have to start all over again), they always know how to do something to bring us back. But last night’s episode bothered me. However, I’ll start with the positives:

-bringing the show to NY. AMAZING; -phone sex between Turtle and Jamie Lynn (and his mom listening on the line); Gus Van Sant; MARTIN SCORSESE–if he joins the next season and a film actually happens for Vince, it would be unbelievable.

Ok, so there were more enjoyable things than I seemed to think at first. Yet, I’ll explain why I feel the finale was just alright. Vince sucks. When he blames E for all the stuff that happened in his career, he was wrong. Although I know they’re best friends and they will always makeup, I thought there would be a bigger fight to emerge. We all know Eric will become the strongest character in the next season because they have built up all of this potential for him and they have to put him in the spotlight somehow? And Sloane? Where did she go?  We want her back! (With Eric would be a bonus!)

It was predictable, as was True Blood. I love HBO, but can’t we get more creativity, in a finale?? I’m having high expectations for the next seasons, even if they are months away.

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Twilight lives up to the hype has already reported for the weekend that it banked in $70M for the weekend opening. One of the best openers in quite a while.

Because of the great success, the second film/book, New Moon, has been green lit for production.

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American Music Awards

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  • Kanye West
  • Chris Brown
  • Katy Perry
  • Ne-Yo
  • Leona Lewis
  • Paramore
  • David Archuleta
  • Jesse McCartney
  • Lady Gaga
  • Brandy


Pretty solid listing for tonight’s American Music Awards (8PM EST on ABC)


Enjoy the great music!!!

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True Blood FINALE

Who is the killer? Who will live and who will die???


9PM tonight we will find out.  Do we think it will continue for a second season? I hope Stephen Moyer made a good decision by leaving The Starter Wife…

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Spotted. B (Blair) and S (Serena) drinking Starbucks chai tea at the steps of the Met looking ever so stylish. B starts to yell at S. Drinks spattering everywhere. S received text from D (Dan). S runs off leaving B all alone like a little girl whos mom is an hour late to pick her up from school …

What is it with the teen drama Gossip Girl? The show’s ratings don’t justify the buzz that has surrounded this TV series. Although first season ratings weren’t so great, itunes purchases of episodes as well as TiVo and DVR viewings were at a high. Currently in its second season, we’ve experienced more drama, fights, juicy secrets and hookups than ever.

So let’s dive into the reasons this show makes us come back from more every week…

1. The cast: Don’t deny it, they’re hot! Not only do they look good, they dress well, go to the night clubs most of us wait on lines for..and still don’t get in! They shop at the best stores, go to the best restaurants and have lives most New Yorkers strive for. Even with the hair pulling, fist punching and other ugliness that happens, they still look damn good.


Let’s break this down a little more…

Dan and Serena: They were dating on-screen as well as off-screen. They are one of the hottest young couples in Hollywood. Don’t viewers always love when the relationships translates on and off screen, and seems to be a successful one! Even if they didn’t last on GG, they are still in our hearts and we love them!


The men of GG: Dayummm. Just look at Penn Badgley’s cheek bones or Chace Crawford’s ocean blue eyes. Even though the relationship between their characters have been rocky lately, they still make the show worth coming back week after week. Dan, (Badgley), with his indie “I’m cool because I’m not cool” look gives him the most relatable character for women to believe they can actually date. Chuck, (Ed Westwick), with his preppy over the top ‘charm’ and sexual prowl makes him one interesting human being to enjoy week after week. And then there’s Nate (Crawford). The pretty boy who’s just trying to get out of his felon father footsteps..


Blair and Chuck: Can’t they just be together already? The two most manipulative people on the show have finally brought their vulnerable sides out–for one another. But would they really work together as a couple? We know they both love each other. I’m rooting for them. Who else is with me????


Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester): Best friends, best enemies. Serena hooked up with Blair’s now ex Nate while they were dating. Blair sabotages Serena’s personality and tries to kick her out of the A-list. Pulling each other’s hair out when visiting Yale or spilling drinks on one another. But through it all, they are there for each other when needed the most. This “frenemy” relationship has rumored to be off-screen as well. Leighton is conceived as the party girl who goes out with Crawford, Westwick while Lively is more stay at home gal with her boy Penn. Are they really not friends in real life? Magazines like to call them out on it. But they deny the rumors, saying that people just want to do it because of the show. Who are we to believe??


2. The advertising: Now, we know the show is about sex, drugs, drama-everything people love or hate about TV. At least the creative team was being honest about its second season by advertising these things up front. For example…


You got to love it….

Between creator Josh Schwartz’s (OC) witty dialogue and outrageous storylines, good looking cast and great music, what’s there not to love?

Now there are probably other reasons to watch it..whats yours???????????

xoxo. MP

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Top 25 of 2008

By now, you can tell I use Entertainment Weekly as a large resource to give me information into the entertainment world. But you’re enjoying it too, right??

Well this week’s edition gives us the biggest entertainers of 2008. Some new, some old–they all are rightfully deserving to be on this list.

Who’s your favorite??,,20152943,00.html

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Entertainment Weekly’s breakout stars of 08,,20240221,00.html

More of your favorite up and coming actors/musicians/comedians.

Did your new favorites make the list??

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