Song of the day

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Starting now, I will have a song of the day. Whether it’s something new, inspiring, old..

Feel free to contribute!



  1. adlevine replied:

    Monday 12/8/08 track:

    “Life is Better” Q-Tip featuring Norah Jones

    Off the Q-Tip The Renaissance album (2008, Universal)

  2. adlevine replied:

    Today’s track

    “Forgive Me” Leona Lewis.

    A fun beat featuring Akon.

  3. adlevine replied:

    Today’s track:

    “Red Meets Blue” Matt Wertz

    Off the album Under Summer Sun (2008, Universal Republic)

  4. adlevine replied:

    Today’s Track:

    “A Little Love” Meaghan Smith

  5. adlevine replied:

    Today’s track:

    “West Coast” Jason Schwartzman, from his new project Coconut Records

    A little sad, but great instumentals

  6. Amanda replied:

    Today’s track:

    “Absolute” The Fray (Epic)

  7. adlevine replied:

    “blame it” Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain (J Records, 2009)

  8. adlevine replied:

    “jealous guy” Gavin DeGraw

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