American Music Awards-Post Show Discussion

What did you think about the show? Were all of the winners deserving in their categories???

Truth: I only watched about half the show, (I missed the middle hour because of HBO finales-don’t judge!)

But from what I saw and the seeing the winners posted later on, I thought most if not all were deserving in their given categories, (except I would’ve liked to see Coldplay win an award). Kanye West scored a few, (even though his speeches suck and his head is way too large–he compares himself to becoming the next Beatles?? Now, let’s take it back for a second..) Chris Brown adds a few to his belt as well including Artist of the Year, which I believe are well deserved! Rihanna takes two wins, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Daughtry…

What made this show so enjoyable for me were the performances. Opener Christina Aguilera doing a medley of her major singles, (Genie In A Bottle was a great throwback as well as Fighter). Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, New Kids on The Block, (can I say old school), Ne-Yo (amazing dancing) and Sarah MacLachlan and Pink doing an acapella version of “Angel” was bone-chilling. My favorite performance was the finale: Alicia Keys, Queen Latifa and opera singer Kathleen Battle singing Keys’ “Superwoman”. The diversity of vocal range and style were a force to be reckoned on the stage as the final performance.

It doesn’t hurt that Jimmy Kimmel was the host. You always get a good laugh..

If you want a full list of winners, go to this Seattle Times article:


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The famous photographs of Annie Leibovitz

You may have seen the Pregnant Demi Moore cover of Vanity Fair? Or the infamous naked John Lennon/Yoko Ono cover of Rolling Stone Magazine? What about the controversial topless 15 year old Miley Cyrus for a 2008 cover?

The first two photographs were numbers 1 and 2 for most influential of our century. But the real question is: Who is the famous photographer?

Answer: Annie Leibovitz


She is a woman who could make a person’s flaws into treasures with one photograph. From the east coast, she moved cross country and went to photography school in San Francisco and worked her career from there. 

Over time, she’s worked for Rolling Stone and is a common contributor to the New Yorker, New York Times Magazine and most prominently, Vanity Fair.


(Keith Richards, Photo:

I am most familiar with her work in Vanity Fair magazines.  She mostly contributes for taking the biggest celebrity photo spreads each year. Some of these include the the first photographs of Suri Cruise, the covers of Vanity Fair’s Yearly Hollywood Issue (March) and The Disney “Year of A Million Dreams” campaign. Prominent actors that she’s photographed include Angelina Jolie, Roger Federer, Robert Downey Jr. Nicole Kidman and various more.

For some celebrity photographs, look here: [Vanity Fair covers] [Best in Motown] [Killers Kill, Dead Man Die] [The Africa Shoot]

For other photographs she’s taken:

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