Spotted. B (Blair) and S (Serena) drinking Starbucks chai tea at the steps of the Met looking ever so stylish. B starts to yell at S. Drinks spattering everywhere. S received text from D (Dan). S runs off leaving B all alone like a little girl whos mom is an hour late to pick her up from school …

What is it with the teen drama Gossip Girl? The show’s ratings don’t justify the buzz that has surrounded this TV series. Although first season ratings weren’t so great, itunes purchases of episodes as well as TiVo and DVR viewings were at a high. Currently in its second season, we’ve experienced more drama, fights, juicy secrets and hookups than ever.

So let’s dive into the reasons this show makes us come back from more every week…

1. The cast: Don’t deny it, they’re hot! Not only do they look good, they dress well, go to the night clubs most of us wait on lines for..and still don’t get in! They shop at the best stores, go to the best restaurants and have lives most New Yorkers strive for. Even with the hair pulling, fist punching and other ugliness that happens, they still look damn good.


Let’s break this down a little more…

Dan and Serena: They were dating on-screen as well as off-screen. They are one of the hottest young couples in Hollywood. Don’t viewers always love when the relationships translates on and off screen, and seems to be a successful one! Even if they didn’t last on GG, they are still in our hearts and we love them!


The men of GG: Dayummm. Just look at Penn Badgley’s cheek bones or Chace Crawford’s ocean blue eyes. Even though the relationship between their characters have been rocky lately, they still make the show worth coming back week after week. Dan, (Badgley), with his indie “I’m cool because I’m not cool” look gives him the most relatable character for women to believe they can actually date. Chuck, (Ed Westwick), with his preppy over the top ‘charm’ and sexual prowl makes him one interesting human being to enjoy week after week. And then there’s Nate (Crawford). The pretty boy who’s just trying to get out of his felon father footsteps..


Blair and Chuck: Can’t they just be together already? The two most manipulative people on the show have finally brought their vulnerable sides out–for one another. But would they really work together as a couple? We know they both love each other. I’m rooting for them. Who else is with me????


Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester): Best friends, best enemies. Serena hooked up with Blair’s now ex Nate while they were dating. Blair sabotages Serena’s personality and tries to kick her out of the A-list. Pulling each other’s hair out when visiting Yale or spilling drinks on one another. But through it all, they are there for each other when needed the most. This “frenemy” relationship has rumored to be off-screen as well. Leighton is conceived as the party girl who goes out with Crawford, Westwick while Lively is more stay at home gal with her boy Penn. Are they really not friends in real life? Magazines like to call them out on it. But they deny the rumors, saying that people just want to do it because of the show. Who are we to believe??


2. The advertising: Now, we know the show is about sex, drugs, drama-everything people love or hate about TV. At least the creative team was being honest about its second season by advertising these things up front. For example…


You got to love it….

Between creator Josh Schwartz’s (OC) witty dialogue and outrageous storylines, good looking cast and great music, what’s there not to love?

Now there are probably other reasons to watch it..whats yours???????????

xoxo. MP


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