HBO Sunday Night Finales


Sunday nights are my favorite TV nights (or they have been for summer/fall TV). We’ve got your 9PM True Blood followed by Entourage (HBO). Then I always tape Brothers & Sisters (ABC) at 10PM.

Unfortunately, True Blood and Entourage came to an end for the season last night. I’m sorry, but how disappointed were you!?


Maybe it was just me, but I felt True Blood could’ve been a lot more dramatic.  Yes, we find out Renee is our murderer. But did you have to make it that obvious from the first five minutes of the hour long episode? We had no insider information to lead us to Renee before last nights episode, (or so I thought), therefore, giving us no accurate justification for why he would be the killer.  The show gave us the reason that he just hates fang bangers. But why?? Just Because? It was a pretty shitty understanding of Renee. 

Furthermore, they put that in the first half our of the show leaving us with a slow second half.  And then when you think most of the problems are solved, there are more questions to be answered. For example, why does Sam know Mary Ann? Why is she taking care of Tara? Why in the backyard was she shaking? Also, who killed Lafayette? Was it Mary Ann? Bill, (so he could save himself-“made a huge sacrifice” to be with Sookie?) Obviously they left it open ended, in which I believe they are going for a second season.  Even though I don’t know where the story would go from here….


ENTOURAGE–One of my favorite shows ever. No matter how redundant the story line may be (Vince gets a great movie, something gets fucked up and they have to start all over again), they always know how to do something to bring us back. But last night’s episode bothered me. However, I’ll start with the positives:

-bringing the show to NY. AMAZING; -phone sex between Turtle and Jamie Lynn (and his mom listening on the line); Gus Van Sant; MARTIN SCORSESE–if he joins the next season and a film actually happens for Vince, it would be unbelievable.

Ok, so there were more enjoyable things than I seemed to think at first. Yet, I’ll explain why I feel the finale was just alright. Vince sucks. When he blames E for all the stuff that happened in his career, he was wrong. Although I know they’re best friends and they will always makeup, I thought there would be a bigger fight to emerge. We all know Eric will become the strongest character in the next season because they have built up all of this potential for him and they have to put him in the spotlight somehow? And Sloane? Where did she go?  We want her back! (With Eric would be a bonus!)

It was predictable, as was True Blood. I love HBO, but can’t we get more creativity, in a finale?? I’m having high expectations for the next seasons, even if they are months away.


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