Anoop makes top 13 of American Idol Season 8!!

Season 8 of American Idol has brought many surprises. One that made me extremely happy was that they added another person to the usual “top 12”. My favorite ANOOP was given this lucky second chance. I think he will go very far.

I’ll be the first to say the people who I think will make it through most of the season, if not, become the next American Idol: Danny and Lil. Both with extremely different vocals, Danny gives us the Daughtry/David Cook that we loved in American Idol past. However, Lil reminds us of our R&B queens Mary J, Keyshia Cole, and newer artists like Chrisette Michele and Jazmine Sullivan. 

Even though I am usually not a big fan of this show, I have my favorites and hope to see them move further towards being Season 8 American Idol!


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Ode to Family Guy


You’re probably thinking…. a 22 year old girl enjoys a show which includes bits of racism, anti-semitism, discrimination against handicap individuals and gay people????

Just look at this picture above. This picture pin points each character exactly and you don’t even have to watch the show. I hope I can explain why this show is the funniest and why you should all watch it.

Starting from the left:

Lois. The most stable of the bunch.  She doesn’t have a steady job and is overworked by the lack of stability of her husband. She cooks, cleans, gives piano lessons and on occasion becomes a nymphomaniac or kleptomaniac  (noted in a few episodes).

Chris: Teen who inherits his stupidity and child-like personality from his father 

Peter: (as seen in the center) The show centers around his life, silly antics and his family and friends. Most episodes you want to slap him on the head because of all the dumb things he does/says. 

Meg: The ugly, loser daughter who everyone in the family criticizes because she is ugly and has few friends. She has imaginary boyfriends and is the laughing stock of the family.

Brian: The dog who has become part of the family. He is witty, intelligent, sophisticated with an alcohol problem. Sometimes, Peter disrespects him and treats him like a dog when his character is meant to be like a person.

Stewie: The baby of the family who plots to kill Lois. In one episode he almost succeeds in killing her. He plays with his one doll Rupert who he speaks to about his plans to rule the world. His personality gives off the impression that he is potentially bi-sexual with his “dance parties” with women as well as comments of homosexuality towards Brian and other male characters.


What makes this show so great is that it incorporates all things pop culture that make it so relatable. Whether its musical bits with Stewie and Brian, odes to Frank Sinatra and Britney Spears, the show gives you something to laugh at in every epsiode No matter how silly the characters are, you enjoy watching it every time. When reading about creator Seth MacFarlane, did you know he does voices for characters Peter, Stewie, Brian, friend Glen Quagmire, and many other random characters that come into the show over time. Also, did you know that the character of Meg (now voiced by Mila Kunis) was Lacey Chabert in the first season?

MacFarlane was offered $100 million dollars for continuing with show and to start a spin-off (The Clevelands, based on the black character in the show). When discussing the amount of money offered to him, he responds,

” I gave them all of my 20s, which are irretrievable. (I put my) heart and soul into that show, and, in turn, they give me $100 million. I think that’s fair.” ( …I say fair enough [as long as some goes for good cause!]

My favorite episode is the epsiode “stewie b. goode” when Peter joins the news reporters with his spot ‘What Really Grinds My Gears’. 

What’s yours?

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