American Music Awards-Post Show Discussion

What did you think about the show? Were all of the winners deserving in their categories???

Truth: I only watched about half the show, (I missed the middle hour because of HBO finales-don’t judge!)

But from what I saw and the seeing the winners posted later on, I thought most if not all were deserving in their given categories, (except I would’ve liked to see Coldplay win an award). Kanye West scored a few, (even though his speeches suck and his head is way too large–he compares himself to becoming the next Beatles?? Now, let’s take it back for a second..) Chris Brown adds a few to his belt as well including Artist of the Year, which I believe are well deserved! Rihanna takes two wins, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Daughtry…

What made this show so enjoyable for me were the performances. Opener Christina Aguilera doing a medley of her major singles, (Genie In A Bottle was a great throwback as well as Fighter). Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, New Kids on The Block, (can I say old school), Ne-Yo (amazing dancing) and Sarah MacLachlan and Pink doing an acapella version of “Angel” was bone-chilling. My favorite performance was the finale: Alicia Keys, Queen Latifa and opera singer Kathleen Battle singing Keys’ “Superwoman”. The diversity of vocal range and style were a force to be reckoned on the stage as the final performance.

It doesn’t hurt that Jimmy Kimmel was the host. You always get a good laugh..

If you want a full list of winners, go to this Seattle Times article:


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