Yes, there’s more for the Twilight Movie fans…

Forget about Robert Pattinson for a second. On March 17, there will be a release of Twilight: The Director’s Notebook.

This book has pictures, sketches, insider information from Catherine Hardwicke herself about the making of this film. If you were able to grab Entertainment Weekly from last month, there was a spread about the upcoming book and what’s inside.

I haven’t even seen the film (honestly) and am very curious about it. We even get to find out as early on as picking the characters for their respective┬ároles to camera angles, makeup and director’s personal words.

Who’s excited????

On another note, I’m so glad this book is coming out because if I hear about Kristen Stewart being a bigger brat about her world promo for the film, I might scream. Seriously, she sounds ridiculous. She has a great opportunity as this breakout role and she’s going to act like it wasn’t important? With that attitude, I don’t see her staying in the spotlight for much longer.


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For all of the Twilight fans..

twilight_movie_poster1In December 2008 Vanity Fair issue, there is a photo spread of the stars in the upcoming film. On the Vanity Fair website, they’ve added outtakes of photos that didn’t make the shoot due to popular demand.



I forgot to add that the soundtrack to the film was #1 this week according to Nielsen Soundscan. Most songs were written for the soundtrack only and feature well known acts Linkin Park, Paramore, Mute Math and more!

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