Yes, there’s more for the Twilight Movie fans…

Forget about Robert Pattinson for a second. On March 17, there will be a release of Twilight: The Director’s Notebook.

This book has pictures, sketches, insider information from Catherine Hardwicke herself about the making of this film. If you were able to grab Entertainment Weekly from last month, there was a spread about the upcoming book and what’s inside.

I haven’t even seen the film (honestly) and am very curious about it. We even get to find out as early on as picking the characters for their respective roles to camera angles, makeup and director’s personal words.

Who’s excited????

On another note, I’m so glad this book is coming out because if I hear about Kristen Stewart being a bigger brat about her world promo for the film, I might scream. Seriously, she sounds ridiculous. She has a great opportunity as this breakout role and she’s going to act like it wasn’t important? With that attitude, I don’t see her staying in the spotlight for much longer.


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Twilight lives up to the hype has already reported for the weekend that it banked in $70M for the weekend opening. One of the best openers in quite a while.

Because of the great success, the second film/book, New Moon, has been green lit for production.

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Twilight-New Instyle photos!!!

Instyle also did a photo shoot of the young up and coming cast for the Twilight film.

Take a look here:,,20237332_20237323,00.html?xid=perez-twilight

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True Blood-An Analysis

What is True Blood?** The title alone can freak you out a bit, right? Well, it definitely freaked me out when I first heard about the show..and this poster.


When walking home from work every night starting in late July/August, I would pass this promo poster above asking myself, “Who would actually watch this show?”

Not until the second or third episode into the series did I hear people telling me how great it was and I should watch it.  A little hesitant because of my lack of interest in blood and vampires, (I don’t think I’m alone here), I was willing to overcome my comfort level of TV and watch it. 

To my suprise, it took up until the third or fourth epsiode for me to really own up to enjoying (and now obsessing) about the show. Blood (there’s a lot of it); Sex (there’s a lot of it); Murder (a lot of it)–It really encompasses most of things people enjoy in watching shows. You can even say it has slight relationships with other powerhitting former HBO series Sex and The City or The Sopranos with its incorporation of sex and violence.

The show is originally based on the Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) book series by Charlaine Harris. There’s something about its complete unfamiliarity and fantasy imagery that draws you in. Director Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) really knows how to bring in the essence of life, love, sacrifice and death, which is really what defines this story.


(From left: Paquin, Stephen Moyer; Paquin plays a young human who can read people’s thoughts. Moyer is a “good vampire” and the two establish a unique romance over the course of the show.)

This show came at a very strategic time. Given the fact that Twilight is in theaters next week (11/21/08) it makes for a new trend. Twilight is based on the 4 book series from Stephanie Meyers that is being claimed as the next Harry Potter. Ironically, the male lead Ed Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) was also cast in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film, in which he only lasts for one film (I don’t want to give too much away for those who may have not read/watched Harry Potter.)

Nevertheless, I recommend watching the show. You MUST start from episode one because there are only two episodes left and a lot has happened with the characters over this time.

Who is your favorite character? What makes you enjoy the show most?

** FYI-True Blood is the blood of humans that vampires drink in order to continue “living”. This is why they crave humans.

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