Need to find music in a movie or TV show?


Most of us are frusterated when we watch a tv show or commercial thinking, “Wow, that is a great song. Who sings that?” or “I know that song, but I can never remember the name.” We’ve all been in this place and unsuccessfully find answers to these questions. SOOOOO…you’re solution is right here.

If any of you have questions about songs that you’ve heard in TV shows, movies, commercials, movie trailers, please ask them here. I will do my best to give you answers accurately and as fast as I know/can find answers for you!  Please make this an open forum for any of you to ask or answer the questions, (it doesn’t necessarily have to be me!)

Ask away….



  1. adlevine replied:

    An article about the secrets of TV music.

  2. adlevine replied:

    Track listing for 27 dresses. Listen and enjoy!!
    My favorites: Corinne Bailey Rae “Like A Star”, Mark Ronson Feat. Amy Winehouse “Valerie”'27_Dresses

  3. adlevine replied:

    TV shows with great music: (past and present)
    -Ugly Betty
    -Grey’s Anatomy
    -Gossip Girl
    -The Hills (emphasis on MUSIC enjoyment with this show only)
    -Sex and The City
    -Six Feet Under
    -The O.C.
    -Brothers and Sisters
    -Without A Trace

    What are yours???

  4. Amanda replied:

    In Family Guy episode “Oceans Three and a Half”, Stewie spoofs the Bryan Adams song “Everything I Do” by making a music video for Swanson’s new daughter, Suzie to show is love. They also play the Men At Work track “You Can Dance if you Want”

  5. Amanda replied:

    One Tree Hill was the first TV show to use The Fray single “You Found Me” from the new album for TV licensing (in its entirety).

  6. adlevine replied:

    Opener song in Definitely, Maybe is Sly and The Family Stone “Everday People” while Ryan Reynolds is walking on the street with his ipod. Overall, excellent soundtrack.

  7. adlevine replied:

    Something’s Gotta Give soundtrack. Score by Zimmer (classic), but the film includes various iconic tracks (Louis Armstrong, “La Vie En Rose”, Eartha Kitt “Je cherche un homme”, Steve Tyrell “I’ve Got A Crush On You”). Other than the soundtrack being a masterpiece of its own, this film (dir: Nancy Meyers) is witty, intelligent and fun

  8. jerimmy bendle replied:

    what is the name of the song in locas when two of them are driving during the summer

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