I’m baaaaack

To my loyal readers, (if you’re still out there!):

I’ve been in the whirlwind called life, which is no excuse for my disappearance. We’re in a new decade, which means there is new and exciting information to come at you.

Please forgive me as I re-vamp this site to make it more coherent and aesthetically pleasing…

I am open for business should anyone have exciting topics to bring to the table…

Bonne nuit mes amis!


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New Gillette Commercial!

To give you a better idea of what my job entails, please view the youtube video below for the new Gillette commercial featuring Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Derek Jeter. Enjoy!


To sum up my company’s [Platinum Rye] job in this mix, this is what we do: Since this commercial uses music [ie. Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive”] along with image/likeness of the film Saturday Night Fever, the company needs to obtain music and property licensing rights. We reach out to the rights holders of the music and film and negotiate. And voila, that’s what entertainment licensing entails, (leaving out all of the gory details and paperwork of course!)

Please pass this along to your friends and whoever would find this interesting!

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Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone happy passover/happy easter! hope everyone had a relaxing, food filling holiday!!

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Jonas Brothers Surprise 9-year old Cancer Patient

Please watch this video as discussed on CBS Early news. Jayla Cooper, a 9 year old with Lukemia, with only weeks to live, asked for a wedding as her last big wish. She married a 7 year old, Jose, who also has cancer. Being that Jayla is a big Jonas Brothers fan, they suprised her at her house and sang her favorite song “Love Bug”.

Please watch this miraculous story.


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Youthanized. The Documentary.

For all of you reading, please take the time out to check out the upcoming documentary created by fellow peers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s been over a year in the making and I am proud to show the trailer of all the hard work that been done.


With a political tone, it is meant to describe the involvement (or lack thereof) with generation Y and the political environment. Is our generation apathetic? Are we more involved now that we have more outlets to express our points of view? This documentary dives into those questions that in a way helps to show how our generation will shape our futures.


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MMM. good


Just look at this cake. How awesome it that!?!?

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Mandy Potter Now on Twitter!

If you’ve been enjoying what you’re reading, feel free to “tweet” me. I just started Twitter about two weeks ago.  I think its great!

You can find me at twitter.com/mandylev. You can get random fun music/movie factoids and learn more about me!

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Back from a long hiatus..

To all who have been loyal to my site, thank you for your patience.

As holidays and work were taking over my life, I have had little time to update. I promise to be a better blogger from now on. So far, check out my “Music in TV/movies” tab to get good info about songs in the biggest TV shows!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Oscars.  I think we weren’t too suprised with Slumdog Millionaire taking most of the awards, Kate Winslet FINALLY winning her Oscar *yay* Yet, there has been some debate about Sean Penn’s win. Many believe it should’ve went to Mickey Rourke.  My opinion: I saw both movies. Overall, I enjoyed Milk better and felt that Penn’s performance was nothing like I’ve seen a long time. With his method acting skills, he completely transformed himself into Harvey Milk, making us see a more happy, optomisitic Penn that we rarely see in his movie roles. Although I very much respect Rourke and his performance in The Wrestler, he was ultimately playing “himself” as the underdog, fighting at any cost for his comeback.

Best speech of the night definitely went to Dustin Lance Black for best original screenplay (Milk). His poise and sincerity of what winning the award meant for him and society at large was a very happy thing to see.

And what did everyone think about bringing former actors/supporting actors winners back to the stage to present the awards? I thought it drew out the show a bit, but I actually liked it. They tried to link similar nominees to talk about the year’s nominees. Interesting idea.

Hugh Jackman. VERY ENJOYABLE! He can carry a show! Also, loved that he brought Anne Hathaway to the stage to sing. What a fabulous voice. (FYI just read that she will be on Broadway this summer in a rendition of Shakespeare’s “In A Midnight Summer’s Dream”).

Gotta go back to making some deals. If you haven’t checked it out yet, watch the trailer for I Love You Man with Paul Rudd, Jason Segal and Rashida Jones. It will definitely give you a good laugh for the day.


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I’m Back!! With a political message…

To my loyal readers,

I apologize for the long hiatus. I think its been about a month (give or take). Bare with me.

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are in a new year for bigger and hopefully better things to happen.  Even though it hasn’t started off quite on the right foot, (drowning economy, foreclosures, outrageous numbers of unemployment, Middle East fighting), let’s stick to the positive with a new President and hope for a better year.

Let’s begin…

OBAMA IS OFFICIALLY PRESIDENT! As of Tuesday, January 20, he was sworn into Presidency with Joe Biden presiding as VP. it was a memorable day as everyone celebrated in tremendous ways. The Obamas even attended 10 inaugural balls Tuesday night. At the first ball, celebrities and average citizens alike sang, danced and applauded for the new president. Beyonce sang “At Last” for the couple’s first dance. She sang a strong, emotional performance, bringing her to tears by the end. As I end this political ramble, I feel honored to be alive for such a momentous moment that could never be replaced.

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AFI top 10 film/tv of 08

Who made the list?? Find out here:


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